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May 2006
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aporia [userpic]

This community has no status.
It's not inactive, and it's not active.

It's just gonna be here.

For any fellow Christopher Rice fans.

aporia [userpic]

Well, since it's really quiet in here,
I've always wanted to ask a question.

How much would you rate Snow Garden compared to Density? Be honest.

Saint Pomme [userpic]

I'm a dork and it takes me about two weeks to finish a book, but I just finished Light Before Day on Saturday and I liked it. I don't know many people who will get into it, though.

Now I just need new copies of A Density of Souls and The Snow Garden (which took me two years to read it, sadly enough, but I finished it!!)...

aporia [userpic]

It was completely accidental that I found the book -
But I guess it was destined to change my life.

Or my life was changed by Density in some uncomprehendable way.

This is a new community Aporia created
and needs some support by fellow Chris Rice lovers.
Actually, as long as you like his books -
A Density of Souls,
The Snow Garden,
Light Before Day (due Feb 2005) -
it doesn't matter whether you like him or not.

Hope that warmth and excitement will be shared around here.


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