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May 2006
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aporia [userpic]

Well, since it's really quiet in here,
I've always wanted to ask a question.

How much would you rate Snow Garden compared to Density? Be honest.


I preferred Density a huge amount. In fact the first tim eI read Snow Garden I was a bit disappointed. It took about 3 reads for me to fully appreciate it.

I didn't really like Snow Garden all that much. I loved Density, I've read it twice. But if I go and never get around to reading Snow Garden again, I think I'll be fine, but I someday when I have money plan on actually buying myself a copy of Density.

awwww I'd love to buy you a copy if I actually know you in person :) :p

hi hi, im a newbie, but this topic was one that i wanted to talk to SOMEONE about but none of my friends have heard of Christopher Rice (except through my incessant talking about him and this awesome article he wrote), let alone read his books. so thought id comment, even if it was a couple months late haha

i think what i appreciate bout density of souls is that the characters were so amazing. i cried over stephen and jeff. i loved the plot, i loved the messed up society they were living in. snow garden... was forgettable. and he had this tendency to write like his mom... esp with the recurring... the OBSESSIVELY recurring art/theme/whatever. meh.

:) Chris Rice is great.
and welcome to the comm.

As I see it Denisty and Snow Garden are on oppisite ends of the spectrum. Denisty is all about this big, upswelling of emotions, so much so that at times it defies belief. Snowgarden is more analytical, cerebral and understated. It has a slower pace and most of it takes place in the main characters head while very little action goes on, until the scene in the apartment where it's total fucking. For the longest time I couldn't decide which I liked more, until I finally decided on Density because it is more entertaining. Light Before Day is now my favorite of his novels because of the way it balances the analytical and the emotional. But I really do admire how Christopher Rice managed Snowgarden, making it as internal as it was without revealing everything about the character's who POV it was from until half-way through the book. And I love The Garden of Earthly Delights, it's such a fucking insane painting I think you could manage twenty-seven novels about what was going on in the artist's head when he painted it.

I am reading the Snow Garden as we speak, and I just finished Density of Souls last week, and so far, I prefer the Snow Garden. But just a preference. I love both of the books.


I'm new, too, just very randomly found this community and will join in a minute. I was glad that this question was the first I bumped into, however, I regret that only few people answered.
I love both novels to pieces (and was VERY disappointed with his third, I must add). Density was the first I've read, and it haunted me for a very long time, re-read it several times since. But also The Snow Garden. As he said, both had a very Hollywood ending, and Snow Garden was even more over the top if it's possible at all. But the characters were very well drawn and I chose this latter one to introduce to a friend first. I loved Stephen in Density, but I guess I even more loved Randall in Snow Garden because he was so tortured and still attractive. If you read this comment, pls tell me if you liked his third book at all, I'm just curious.

SOWWRY, this was me. :-)


i can't believe after a year people still visit here :)

i haven't read his third (pathetically) even though his fourth is coming out i think? (thru the christopher rice newsletter)

Density would be absolutely my favourite. It's not jus the setting and characters but the whole "world" of Density as well.
Where Snow Garden.. i always thort its kinda like a grown-up sequel to Density (i know its not, dont sue me) and yes i love Randall and Michel even tho the ending was a bit confusing (i read it over and over and over again)

hmm.... i guess i avhen't answered ur question lol....