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May 2006
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aporia [userpic]
Fear cannot touch us

It was completely accidental that I found the book -
But I guess it was destined to change my life.

Or my life was changed by Density in some uncomprehendable way.

This is a new community Aporia created
and needs some support by fellow Chris Rice lovers.
Actually, as long as you like his books -
A Density of Souls,
The Snow Garden,
Light Before Day (due Feb 2005) -
it doesn't matter whether you like him or not.

Hope that warmth and excitement will be shared around here.



I couldn't find his books... I'd like to try them and see what's all about. I have no idea. What are they about?

thanks for visiting

Whoa! How did you find this comm? (I was about to abandon it*)

Chris's books are quite different from Anne Rice's, because he's gay, and his works have a particular beauty that reveals a world only to people who can understand his writing. I'm not saying he's a strange writer, don't get me wrong - Density of Souls is about 4 friends who, after adultlescence, fall into a spin of webs of lies. You can go to here which explains to you more than you'll need to know:
www.densityofsouls.com (or click on the link at the top of my journal) I've just finished Snow Garden and it's a brillian crime done by Randall Stone, a high school kid, but can't tell you what it's about ~ or I'll ruin the fun. :) Really, you should try them out! I'm sure you won't regret.

I read this when I was younger and I fell in love with it. It really actually changed my life in a lot of ways, A Density of Souls.

Everyone I've ever recommended it to for reading has absolutely loved it, and it is almost always checked out at the local library where I work.

*cries....someone actually comes here still?!*

I recommended it to a lot of people too, some which loved it, some rejected it simply because of the gay theme.
Don't you reckon Chris writes in a very special way? :)

Heh, I used to call myself one of "Christopher Rice's children."

I come here from time to time, it always seems so quiet though, you know.

I'm always loving to talk to other CR fans, so hit me up IM style if you ever wanna chat, or read my livejournal, either or.

Honestly, Density of Souls really helped me become who I am today, no lies.

*wide smile*

what is IM?
(I only have msn so....)